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by | Oct 16, 2013

Information Architecture

How is your website organized? Can your visitors find what they’re looking for? Let us help you re-organize your content to best meet your visitor’s needs. Interactive Media Consulting’s information architecture services include a review of your current website architecture, a plan to determine who uses your website, and a re-organization of the information on your website to help your customers find what they need.

This is a multi-step process where we work with you to determine who your current users are and who you are trying to reach. From there, we can develop recommendations to attract users and keep them returning to your website.

Website Review

What does your website look like? Is it functioning the way you want it to function? Can your visitors find what they’re looking for? When was the last time your website was updates? Is it time to review what you have and see what you need? Does your website serve your target audience?

Interactive Media Consulting, LLC can review your website logs, your website, its design and architecture. From there, we can recommend improvements to the website to help attract and keep your target audience returning for more.

Competitor Review

What do your competitor’s websites look like? How does yours compare? What is their social media plan? How does yours compare?

We will do a complete review of your website, including your logs, design, and architecture, and your social media efforts. Then we will review up to 5 of your closest competitors to see what they are doing. The end result is a set of recommendations to for you to improve your website and social media so that they are the best among your peers.

Functional Review

Does your website function as it should?

We will discuss your goals and how you expect your website to meet those goals. We then use your website as your target audience member and evaluate it from a programming and administrative perspective to make sure the website is programmed correctly to meet your needs. We will review the website to make sure your content management system is up to date and secure.

What People Are Saying

I will be eternally grateful to you for what you have done to create this beautiful, fun, interactive web site.  You are AMAZING!!!

Vicki Latham, P.A. -C Toxin Clear

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