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Webmail Access

by | Oct 16, 2013

All Interactive Media Consulting web hosting customers have access to web-based email.  Along with accessing your email you will also have the ability to manage your email account.


Open your preferred web browser and access the webmail login page.  The webmail login URL (Uniform Resource Locator) will be, where is your website domain.  For Example, Interactive Media Consulting, LLC would use

  1. Enter your full Email Address into the email address field.
  2. Enter your Password into the password field.
  3. Click the Log In button.


The Portal contains various options for accessing your webmail and managing your email account.

You can access your webmail by using one of the three webmail platforms, Horde, Roundcube, or SquirrelMail.  We suggest using Roundcube as it is the most user friendly of the three.   Clicking the Roundcube link will bring you to your mailbox.

The remaining links in the Portal allow you to make changes to your email account.

Change Password

Allows you to change your password. When we provide you with an email account one of the first things we request is you change your password. Passwords must show 85 or greater on the strength indicator, using the password generator is recommended.  Note that if you change your password you will need to update it in any email client you have previously configured to send and receive mail.

Forwarding Options

Allows you to forward all emails sent to your account to another address.  A copy of each forwarded message will remain on the server as backup.

Auto Responders

If you are unable to respond to emails for an extended amount of time you can use an Auto Responder to automatically reply to any emails you receive within a pre-defined period of time.

Email Filtering

Allows you to create rules and actions so you can better filter your email messages.  Interactive Media Consulting implements various filters at the account level (applies to all email accounts) to reduce the amount of spam you receive.  You can configure additional filters at the user level (your email account only) to further reduce the amount of spam, redirect an email to another address, or move messages to a specific folder.

Configure Mail Client

Provides auto configuration scripts and manual settings for setting up your email account in various email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird.  For configuring cell phones you will want to refer to the manual settings and plugin the necessary information when prompted.


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Thanks again it’s been a pleasure, I’m so happy we went through your company!!

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