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Spammers Out in Force: Don’t Fall for their Tricks

We have recently received a number of questions about emails and letters customers are receiving regarding their domains and email accounts. Examples include:

  • an email stating your mailbox is full and you need to click a link to request additional disk space
  • an email stating your domain is going to expire and you need to click a link to renew
  • an email stating messages are being held and you need to click a link to “release” them
  • a postal letter stating your domain is going to expire and you need to pay a fee to keep it active

They are all spam and/or phishing requests.


First of all, our systems will never email you asking you to login to request disk space or release email messages. These are phishing links, looking for the login information for your email box. The scammers who sent it to you will then use that information to send spam through your mailbox to the rest of the world. Ultimately, this will get your domain and our server put on blacklists, harming everyone using your domain legitimately and other customers on our server.

To safeguard yourself and your account, NEVER click on links in emails asking you to login to your email account – or any other account for that matter. If you are unsure, login to your account using normal methods (i.e. type in the URL in your browser or choose from your bookmarks).


If we manage your domain, we will not send you an email or letter asking you to renew it. If you were to pay these “invoices,” the company will try take over control of your domain name. Domains managed by IMC are renewed automatically approximately 2 weeks prior to their expiration date. They are also locked, which prevents automatically transferring them somewhere else. We have saved a number of domains over the years because they were locked.


We would much rather take a quick look and answer your question than deal with the fallout afterwards. Call the office anytime at 518.587.5107 and speak with Beth or Nate.