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Email Marketing is Not Dead

Have you shifted resources over to Facebook and other social media to the detriment of email marketing?  It might be time to rethink that strategy.  You may have heard about Facebook capping the number of people a “business” post reaches somewhere between 2% and 6% of the people who like the page.  If 1000 people like your page, that means only 20 to 60 people will see what you say.

After the most recent update in January 2015, Facebook is further reducing the number of people who see your posts if they:

  • reuse the exact same content from advertisements
  • promote a specific product or service or push to install an app
  • request a specific call to action, such as entering a sweepstakes without any real context

More information can be found on the Facebook site regarding this update, including examples of posts that meet the above criteria.

So, how to reach your audience? Email marketing is making a comeback.  With email marketing, you control the message and how a person sees it. You also have much more control over who you send your message to.  Effective email marketers know who their subscribers are and what types of messages they want to see. It is important to choose a vendor that allows you to segment your lists, so you can send more targeted, personal, and relevant email to your individual subscribers. Your vendor should also provide robust analytics on the the back end.  To start, you should know how many people opened your email message, what links they may have clicked on, and whether they forwarded the message to anyone else.

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