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cPanel – Mail – Email Accounts

Creating an Email Account

  1. Enter a new Email Address.
  2. Enter and confirm a Password. Password strength must be 85 or greater.
  3. Mailbox Quota should be set to 250 GB but can be increased if need be. Please avoid using the unlimited option.
  4. Click Create Account.

Your new email account will appear along with some additional functions below.

Email Accounts can be found on the home interface under Mail.  This function allows you to create, manage and delete email accounts.

Managing an Email Account

Listed along with your email accounts you will see a usage bar which will display how much space you have used and still have available.  You will also have links for changing the password, changing the quota and deleting the account.  If you click the down arrow on the far right you can access webmail or view instructions for configuring your personal email client.

Deleting an Email Account

Deleting an email account is permanent, all emails will be removed from the server.

  1. Find the email account you wish to delete.
  2. Click Delete to the right of this email account.
  3. A confirmation box will appear, click the Delete button again to confirm the deletion.
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