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Mac OS High Sierra Email Issue

The High Sierra OS is causing some email settings to revert back to their default Mail settings after the update. If you change the default settings and try to save them then the settings revert back to default again.

**Note: this OS is also creating issues with Adobe products where sometimes the applications won’t work at all.

From what I have experienced with this issue so far is that the port numbers and server/host names were changing after saving the correct ones. Deleting the account and re-adding it has been the only way I have found to get your settings changes to stick.


  • Have the client remove the problem email from Mac Mail (Mail > Preferences > Accounts, select problem account and click the – (minus) sign)
  • Add the email account back (Mail > Preferences > Accounts click the + (add) sign)
  • Description can be their email address or business/company name.
  • Anytime there’s a field for Email Address/Username, they should enter their full email address (sometime the @domain.com part is left off) even if the field is an “optional” one.
  • Incoming mail server should be ime/c/a.imediaconsult.com with a port number of 993 for IMAP and 995 for POP3 (however port 143 (for IMAP account) is the only one that worked when we resolved this issue for one client).
  • Password should be their email password.
  • Use SSL/TLS should be enabled and Authentication should be set to password.
  • The outgoing server (SMTP) should be ime/c/a.imediaconsult.com with a port of 465 (however try port number 587 if 465 does not work).
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