Analysis Paralysis & The Dreaded Domino Effect

Successful project management and achieving the scheduled goal date is a team effort in any marketing scenario.  When indecisiveness on the part of any team member stalls the momentum, the domino effect comes into play.

Analysis Paralysis Leads to Deadline Disasters

Whether it is choosing logo colors, deciding on the perfect adjective for your tag line, selecting photos for your website, or finalizing your e-commerce provider, NOT making a decision during the design and development phase of your marketing project can bring progress to a screeching halt. Suddenly, the domino effect takes over, and deadlines go up in a puff of smoke. 

The inability to make decisions is often due to overthinking the options and agonizing about the possible results. This condition is known as Analysis Paralysis and is dreaded by business owners, project coordinators, designers, and developers across all industries. 

Indecision Creates Anxiety & Frustration

In the digital marketing world, Analysis Paralysis is a costly and frustrating situation for both the agency and the client. Any component of a marketing plan – whether digital or printed – follows a step-by-step workflow, allowing the project to move steadily from one phase to the next. When development is at a standstill due to the client’s indecision, every step of the process is affected. 

Not providing critical information in a timely manner leads to:

  • delays in all stages of production
  • reshuffling of other projects to accommodate holdup
  • inability to meet original contract goals
  • staff overtime
  • rush fees
Less is More

For the client, it’s tempting to fall into the trap of too much research in an exhausting attempt to explore all possibilities and cover all bases, a condition known as FOBO – Fear Of Better Options. Studies have shown that having more choices leads to inaction and results in dissatisfaction with the ultimate decision. Conversely, fewer, more focused options have proven to expedite the decision-making process and provide a greater degree of happiness with the choices. 

Another pitfall of indecisiveness is the false premise that one more meeting, one last planning session, will tip the scales toward the perfect choice. Rarely true. Instead, precious hours are lost in repetitive and non-productive meetings, entertaining every possible scenario and eating away at valuable production time.  Making a decision can be freeing and allows the process to move forward.  

Time is Money 

Quotes are predicated on a job’s scope based on agreed-upon parameters dictated by standard and predictable variables. The resulting agreement/contract is defining and binding. Prolonging a project due to fear of making the wrong decision sets off a chain of events that deviate from the original contract. The agency is put in the uncomfortable position of adding to their fee, and the client is in the unhappy position of receiving an invoice that blew through their budget.  

Tips to Avoid Analysis Paralysis:
  • Identify your primary goal. 
  • Stay focused.
  • Prioritize all other objectives and break them down into small, realistic tasks. 
  • Set a time limit for each task and do not deviate. 
  • Accept that you will not always make the “right” decision because, in all likelihood, there is more than one “right” choice.
  • Go with your gut.   
  • Don’t look back. 
  • Relax.

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