Facebook Is NOT Your Website Part One

If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or artist counting on Facebook as your primary marketing tool, you are NOT even close to reaching your largest audience.

For optimum exposure and an effective competitive advantage, Facebook should be utilized as merely one spoke in a marketing wheel that includes a variety of social media platforms, with your website as the central hub.

While this comprehensive approach has long been the recommended formula for a successful marketing strategy, it is even more advisable today, as Facebook consistently – even daily – loses market share.

Facebook Use Continues To Decline Among All Demographics

According to the Infinite Dial Study (published each year by Edison Research and Triton Digital), which tracks how Americans use social media, Facebook usage has been falling steadily since 2018 across all demographics from age 12+.

A series of articles published by The Business Insider in 2018 projected that Generation Z (users born between 1995 and the mid 2000’s) will be the demographic that will eventually kill Facebook, as this group continues to predictably migrate to other social media platforms.

Beware. If you depend on Facebook to promote your business, your audience and sales potential will continue to shrink along with Facebook’s decline. Times are quickly changing, and so should your marketing strategy.

Reasons Why Facebook Use is Declining

In May of 2019, the trusted research group Edison released a report that identified the top reasons why American adults are leaving Facebook.

This report was published prior to the more recent media attention around Facebook’s controversial policies surrounding the 2020 election relative to hate speech and misinformation. Add to that the antitrust investigations regarding Facebook’s massive size, and we have strong and convincing reasons why Facebook’s popularity is shrinking.

Survey Published by Edison Research May 2019 (descending – highest percentage ranked #1))

  1. Don’t like rants or too many personal comments
  2. Too much negativity
  3. Tired of political posts
  4. Concerns about privacy
  5. Enjoying other social media sites more
  6. Your friends don’t post much anymore
  7. Needed a break for mental health
Don’t Let Facebook’s Failing Reputation Impact Your Business

Even when Facebook was the leading “go-to” social media platform, it was not a substitute for a business website. Relying mainly on Facebook to market your brand, tell your story, and provide qualified leads was never a good idea. As Facebook continues to lose ground, maintaining that marketing strategy today is more harmful to your business than ever before.

Facebook can benefit your business when paired with a dedicated, well-designed company website, trending social media platforms, and targeted email marketing from a qualified mailing list generated directly from your website.

A successful website allows you 100% control of your brand experience. It protects your business messaging from Facebook’s ever-changing, unpredictable algorithm, a powerful formula that has a critical impact on your marketing success.

There are many reasons why establishing a website as the hub of your marketing program is the best path for your business. Part Two of Facebook is Not Your Website Will explore this topic in specific detail.  Stay Tuned.