Is It Website Redesign Time? Part One

Outdated & Unappealing

When was the last time you had your website reviewed and updated? If you can’t remember, it has probably been too long. An effective website depends on how well your website functions and performs and how accurately your navigation, content, and appearance correctly reflect your current business – not your business from “yesteryear.”  

Websites should be dynamic documents that grow and change as your business evolves. Just because you have a website, do not assume that your online presence is helping your business. In fact, an underperforming and outdated website can negatively impact your reputation, your brand, and your profitability.  

Keep Pace With The Competition

The web building standards and technologies that you implemented when your website launched may no longer be as fast, flexible, or effective as the newest available development tools. Loading times, browser compatibility, and cutting-edge designs are just a few of the constantly shifting and changing issues in the digital world. If your website is more than three years old, then you are likely already “behind the times.”  

Your website should load quickly and be mobile-friendly across all devices. The design and navigation of your website should be intuitive and accessible. All of your pages, links, and plug-ins should be in working order and optimized. 

Is your website slower and less user-friendly than your competition?

First Impressions Matter

Just like fashion, graphic design styles and trends come in and out of vogue each year. If the design of your home page and your overall website looks dated, your credibility is suspect the moment a potential client or customer lands on your site. In less than 10 seconds, a viewer will decide whether to bounce or engage. Therefore, your website must establish a professional, positive and persuasive identity right from the beginning. 

Is your home page contemporary and appealing? 

Yesterday’s News

What good is your website if your content is outdated? Have you introduced new products or services? Have your business hours or your method of operations changed due to COVID-19? Have you added new staff or changed your contact information?

Up-to-date facts and essential information must be easily accessible to everyone who visits your website. You are at serious risk of losing sales and missing out on leads because your content is disorganized, outdated, and inaccurate. Your latest and greatest news and innovations need to be updated and in the spotlight.  

Keeping your facts and photos fresh and current strengthens your reputation, reinforces your brand identity, and helps lead to conversions and increased profits.

How often do you update your content?

This article identified the fundamental elements of how your website’s initial look and feel can influence a potential audience. Part Two of this series will explore why it is essential to review the functionality and performance of your current website to successfully convert viewers to customers.  

Stay tuned. 



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