It’s the holiday season – and scammers don’t take a holiday from their evil deeds.  In fact, they are extra naughty while pretending to be extra nice!  So, if an offer shows up in your inbox that sounds too good to be true – it probably is.  For example:

  • If you receive an email exclaiming CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve just won a free vacation or a gift card – don’t open it!  
  • If you receive an email or text from a “delivery service” about a package that requires personal information – don’t fall for it! 
  • If you are invited to a virtual holiday event and asked to pay an “admission” fee with your credit card – BEWARE! 
  • If you are sent an alert that your bank, credit card company or favorite retailer needs you to verify or provide personal information about a recent holiday purchase – don’t do it!  

Before providing any personal or financial information ALWAYS confirm the legitimacy of the sender. 

Each year the Better Business Bureau publishes a list of the trending scams and offers advice on how to avoid becoming a victim.  Check it out: