Three Tips For Creating A Positive, Productive Workspace

Creating a calm, welcoming, and productive work environment depends on a variety of factors. But as in many situations, small changes can make a big difference. Consider the following:


Blocking out ambient noises as you attempt to focus on a work assignment can reduce stress and greater productivity.

Studies Have Shown That Baroque Music Relaxes Your Body & Activates Your Brain

Music that duplicates the tempo of your natural body rhythms, pulse, and heartbeat causes your body and mind to relax. As tension is released and the body calms, the brain becomes more alert and better able to concentrate. Listening to relaxing music fosters inner focus and blocks distractions, creating ideal conditions for enhanced productivity.

The slow and fluid movements of Baroque music composed by renowned 17th and 18th-century musicians such as Mozart, Vivaldi, and Bach follow the “natural” 60-beats-per-minute pattern that has proven to be profoundly relaxing. Research and experiments conducted worldwide and over decades have studied how and why Baroque music has a positive effect on living, learning, creating, and healing.

Studies have also shown that Baroque’s per minute beat simultaneously triggers both the left and right brain. A three-year study conducted by a team of college math professors found that when they played baroque background music in their classes, it made a significantly positive quantified difference in their students’ attitude and performance.

Try it – you’ll like it!


There are thousands of studies and articles about how color is perceived and acted upon by the human mind. The conclusions are universal. The emotional and psychological effects of color can significantly influence how a person feels and reacts in a given situation.

This information is effectively used by graphic designers, interior designers, business owners, and specific industries to stimulate the desired response. The color green is reputed to evoke growth, nature, healing, and calm – the ideal emotions for increased concentration and productivity. Green is often aligned with creativity, symbolized by fertility in the natural, spiritual, and creative realms.

In a study published by SAGE JOURNALS entitled Fertile Green: Green Facilitates Creativity, researchers conducted a series of experiments on participants unaware of the study’s purpose. “…we demonstrated that a brief glimpse of green prior to a creativity task enhances creative performance.” This conclusion was repeatedly proven in differing scenarios. Numerous studies from a variety of disciplines have found similar results.

Conduct your own personal study. Consider introducing your favorite shades of green into your workspace!


Creating without calories is counter-productive.

Regardless of the latest diet and fasting trends, daily caloric intake is directly related to healthy brain function. Food is fuel. Concentration and energy are diminished when the body and brain are neglected. Sugar and protein drops are too often ignored but have the potential to send your body into temporary shut-down, causing weakness, dizziness, and confusion.

Whether you are stuck in a creative block or super-focused on a project and reluctant to take a break, stay nourished and hydrated. It’s as simple as squirreling away healthy snacks in your mini-fridge or desk drawer.

 Eat something!


The suggestions made in this article are simple and easy to implement. If you are seeking to improve your workspace and boost your productivity, consider a little Mozart, a splash of green, and a packet of peanuts!

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